Are you a Drakor fan? on this site can get the best Korean drama

Are you a Drakor fan? on this site can get the best Korean drama


Not only women, there are also many men who like Korean dramas.

Collected from various sources, here are some sites that can be visited to get the best and newest drakor in 2018.

You can do watching Korean movies or dramas while relaxing and filling your free time. 

Besides drama there are also several variety shows that you can enjoy guys.

So try visiting some of the following Korean drama download sites :

1. IndoXXI Drakor Indo

IndoXXI Korean drama streaming site Drakor indo provides a comfortable display with complete drama and film titles. That way you will be satisfied streaming without the need to bother downloading it.

Even so IndoXXI Indo Drakor still provides the option to download Korean dramas through various qualities according to your wishes. 

2. Viu

Viu is a Korean drama streaming service that works with Telkomsel and you can enjoy it for free. Here you can enjoy various dramas, films or variety shows from various countries.

Not only Korea , Viu provides shows from Asian countries, Japan and even Indonesia. Suitable for accompanying your vacation time guys.

3. Indo Drakor

Then there’s Indo Drakor for you who don’t want to miss the latest Korean movie and drama updates.

Uniquely, you will get the latest drama with updates that even every day on the Drakor Indo download site .

Not just drama, here you can also enjoy Korean variety shows like Running Man or The Return of Superman. There is also a Dorama for you Japanese lovers.

4. DramaQu

Who among you doesn’t like Korean drama ? On the DramaQu site you will be presented with a view that makes it easy for you to choose which drama to watch. Starting from the choice of Ongoing Drama, Popular Drama, to the Latest Korean Dorm .

Not only that, you can also sort dramas based on available genres. There is also a feature Request to request a drama that is or is coming soon.

5. Korramramas

Through a simple look, the KorDramas site is intended for those of you who want to download the latest Korean drama directly . Here you can choose various video formats and sizes that you can choose based on your wishes.

Uniquely KorDramas provide all the drama, movies and variety shows Korea with additional subtitle Indonesia. You don’t have to bother looking for the translate!


In appearance, this Korean drama download site is not much different from KorDramas. This site is specifically for those of you who like to download. Not only Korean dramas , there are also various variety shows, drama and even anime.

Here you can also join the WhatsApp Kshowsubindo group to get the latest updates quickly and easily.You can read more lk21 about for more info.

7. NewAsianTV

NewAsianTV has a pretty neat and easy to understand look like in IndoXXI Drakor Indo. On sites that watch Korean dramas you can access other content such as movies to variety shows.

Not only from Korea , you can enjoy entertainment and various countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and many more.

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