Rasa Vilkienė invites to vote again I urge you to choose responsibly

Rasa Vilkienė invites to vote again I urge you to choose responsibly


You need to vote, want or not! I urge you to raise your seats and give your vote for a candidate for the mayor’s post you like, ”said R. Vilkienė, a Klaipėda citizen in Facebook.

“I urge you to choose responsibly!” – added a woman named celebrity trainer.

Last time, R. Vilkienė was interested in the election as a very photo. Both this time and this time, a sports enthusiast has received a lot of criticism from internet users – looking for quick attention in this way. In addition, some commentators emphasized that such intimate photos should not reach social networks and should only remain in private albums.

My photograph is for attracting attention, and if your imagination is complicated and constrained, then there’s nothing to follow,” she criticized the critics.

DELFI R. Vilkienė inquired how she takes negative comments instantly after her provocative shots, but the sports coach assured her that she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“Nobody likes them, but I don’t like candy to make everyone believe,” the interlocutor said.

“This place can be very deep, such as taking into account the upbringing of those people, and why they see this picture only with negative emotions,” said Rasa.

DELFI recalls that a couple of weeks ago, on Sunday evening, Vilkienė shared a professional photo in her sports trainer profile, where she posed completely naked, covering her most intimate parts with her hands. Such an eye-catching photo of a woman sought to draw the attention of her city residents, who hurt her for the lack of attention to the election.

Please go to the vote and not watch the picture. Klaipėda – only 35% activity, did you flinch ? Who voted? From me, karma points for you. The photo is meant to draw attention, not such photos, but how to shake you more, ”then Rasa considered.

Has been working in the sports trainer for over 20 years

I have been working in my sports club in Klaipėda for 10 years, I have been working in another sports club for 3 years, and before that I worked for 10 years in a women’s sports club. I have been working on this for a very long time, and all such comments run out of me like water from the goose, ”said Rasa.

R. Vilkienė does not hide that her appearance is nurtured not only in the gym, but also in the office of a beautician or plastic surgeon, but the trainer is not going to feel bad.

“It is normal for me to face criticism in my life because I am not a gray mass. True, I am not going to be gray, I have never been so, so it’s natural to me, ”the interviewer said earlier in an interview.

I want to say that I am very proud that I, as such, are so looking. In fact, I even feel an advantage over myself when I have my body when I was 20 and now when I am 44. I see a mature body, it is not a girl, but it is feminine, it has no super muscle, but it is elegant, aesthetic and neat. I think many women would like to look like this, and I want to stress that any woman can look like that. Only a lot of will and effort is needed. I’m not an exception either. I have also made a lot of effort to look like this, ”Rasa said.