How Many Grams in an Eighth, Quarter, or Ounce of Weed?

How Many Grams in an Eighth, Quarter, or Ounce of Weed?


Regardless of exactly how regular your cannabis use is, you’ve possibly asked on your own or another person “the amount of grams in an ounce” at some point. The truth is that the answer to that question is in fact quite technological. Keep reading to learn the solution to this and many more inquiries and end up being a professional in exactly how weed is determined as well as offered across all markets.

While it can be hard to switch over in between the metric and also royal systems, grams, ounces and pounds are easily used generally for weed dimension.

Below are the most common weed measurements and what you require to learn about each.

oAn eighth (⅛): There are 3.54688 grams in an eighth of an ounce. In practice, nevertheless, an eighth is generally rounded to 3.5 grams. One eighth of weed is among, otherwise one of the most, commonly bought amount of weed. For the less constant smoker, “half-eighths” or sixteenths of an ounce are also frequently purchased, coming in at 1.772 grams in weight.


oA quarter ( 1/4): A quarter, unsurprisingly, corresponds out to two-eighths or 7.0874 grams of cannabis. A quarter is most generally rounded to 7 grams.


oA half ounce ( 1/2): One fifty percent ounce of weed amounts 14.17475 grams (or 14 grams).

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One ounce: Equal to 28.3495 or 28 grams, one ounce of weed is a great deal of weed for the casual cigarette smoker or seldom cigarette smoker, but it is typically a good financial investment for a heavy cigarette smoker. In legalized states like Colorado and Washington, costs of ounces cost anywhere from $150 to well over $300, relying on the quality of the product.


One extra pound: A pound of weed consists of 16 ounces of cannabis. Equally as within ounces, customers can additionally acquire quarter and half-pound dimensions.

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