Mobile phones conquer the internet, the advertising market is trying to adapt

Mobile phones conquer the internet, the advertising market is trying to adapt


Gartner, a technology research company, predicts that the world will sell 2.32 billion dollars in 2018 smartphones and 193 million computers. Such proportions should not surprise – phones are on average significantly cheaper, and are replaced very quickly.

The device market revolutionized in 2010, when the smart supply for the first time overtaken computers. Smartphones became a dominant device on the Internet for much longer, but this has already been achieved. 2017 The report by We Are Social and the Hootsuite Social Networking Platform reports that smart phones account for 52 percent of the total. 

total Internet traffic, and this share has increased by 4 percent since last year. And computers fell by 3 percent. and reaches 43 percent True, as people can have several computers or phones, it is firmly said that more people are on the phone than on the computer early.

According to Gemius, an Internet research company, mobile phones in Lithuania have overtaken computers last year, and are rapidly catching up with the number of unique users (see graph). According to Grytas Balserytė, the regional manager of the Baltic region, the overwhelming Internet users are also likely. “It may be that in the future, browsers will have more than those who use computers, but it is very difficult to predict when it will be. So far, to my knowledge, there is not yet a country in Europe where there are more people browsing the phone, ”she said.

Nevertheless, the trend is very clear – we are using the internet differently than just a few years ago.

Waiting time

Such a change is very useful for the attention of economists struggling in the economy – nowadays we look at the phone as soon as we find free time, often and tens of times a day. The device has many useful features, but, as Tristan Harris, founder of the non-governmental organization Center for Humane Technology, said, the phone became a gaming device in its pocket. When playing with machines, the player does not always receive the reward, so it encourages him to try again. 

The phone is usually checked on a similar principle – it is time for Facebook, a message, a letter, new instagram uploads and the like. Because sometimes it comes. This is confirmed by a study by Huawei together with the market research company IPSOS in twelve countries. 49 percent The interviewees admitted that they were checking their intelligence several times per hour.

Along with topical information for consumers, advertising is also at hand. The marketing slogan digital first changes the mobile first , says Arijus Jacques, head of the marketing company Socialus Marketing: “All indicators of telephone use are constantly growing. We can talk about the moments when people watch TV, hold a phone in their hand and do something about it. It has always been common for the phone to be like an additional screen, but now there is a rhetorical question as to whether it really is. ”you can check here infomation about mobilieji telefonai.

Not only social networks are available on mobile phones, but in this case, the dominance of smart phones is particularly prominent. Nearly 80 percent visitors connect to their accounts using the phone.